The Limbe 1 Council is comprised of several offices and services that work diligently to promote peace and development for the people of Limbe 1.

Lord Mayor

Mbwaye Eposi Florence

  • Presides over civic and ceremonial matters/events;
  • Heads all Council meetings;
  • Signs birth, death and marriage certificates;
  • Makes the final decisions on Council matters;
  • Attends to the concerns of the people of Limbe 1.​​​

1st Deputy Mayor

Mr. Henry Mokova Sona Motomby

  • Assist the Mayor in his functions apart from committing expenditures for the Council;
  • Represents the Mayor in his absence;
  • Take decisions on pertinent issues in the absence of the Mayor;
  • Signs marriages, birth, death and other certificates;
  • Attends Council meetings with councillors.

2nd Deputy Mayor

Mme. Ndongo nee Ntsama Beatrice 

  • Assist the Mayor in his functions apart from committing expenditures for the Council;
  • Take decisions on pertinent issues in the absence of the Mayor;
  • Represents Mayor in his absence;
  • Signs marriages, birth, death and other certificates;
  • Attends Council meetings with councillors.

Secretary General

Mme. Nkwen-Tamo Pamela Nyemile

  • Co-ordinates all the services of the Council; ​
  • Defines and codifies the internal procedures of the Council;
  • Ensures the speedy treatment of documents;
  • Attends all Council and committee meetings and prepares drafts agenda for Council meetings;
  •  Takes care of the material organization of various services; 
  • Scrutinizes municipal drafts i.e. decisions and orders which is forwarded to the supervisory authority for signature;
  • Treats all correspondence directed to her by the Mayor;
  • Maintains discipline amongst staff;
  • Listens to routine complaints from staff and advises accordingly.

Municipal Treasurer

Mme. Moki Lydia Nanyongo 
  • Manages and oversees the Council's finances and expenditures;
  • Advises the Mayor on financial affairs of the Council;
  • Attends Council meetings with councillors. 

Assistant Municipal Treasurer

Mme. Ilongo Sophie

  • Assist the Treasury Service as well as the Municipal Treasurer;
  • Archive important treasury documents.

Treasury Service

Mme. Motomby Agbor Araw &

 Mme. Karen Ngale

  • In charge of providing oversight on Council expenditures;
  • In charge of providing oversight on Council revenues.

Private Secretary 

Mme. Lesley Mbongaya Tiku & Mme. Enjema Monono

  • Keeping appointments of the Mayor;
  • Receives people who want to meet the Mayor;
  • In charge of the Mayor's communications.

Public Relations Office

Mr. Ngu Solshavis Mungyeh

  • In charge of communication strategies of the Council;
  • Charged with improving partnerships with stakeholders;
  • Responsible for promoting the image of the Council to the public. 

Community Development Office

Mr. Andrew Mbua Mbonde 

  • In charge of Council development projects;
  • Follows up on development projects;
  • Execute development projects.

Finance Office

Mme. Ndeli Hannah Malafa

  • Focused on the financial investments of the Council;
  • Seek the long term financial benefits of the Council;
  • Oversees financial transactions of the Council.

General Affairs Office

Mme. Marion Ajanoh

  • In charge of personnel management;
  • In charge of legal affairs insurance and litigation;
  • Registration of craft persons and craft activities in Limbe 1 municipality;
  • In charge of promoting tourism in the Limbe 1 municipality.

Correspondence Office

Mme. Mbake Solange Emenge & Mme. Grace Kinereth Gal

  • Dispatching of incoming mails from the Mayor's office to various  sections of the Limbe 1 Council and out going mail from the Mayor and  Secretary office to the public;
  • Registration and referencing of all official documents;
  • Ensures a proper chronological method of filing documents;
  • Safe keeping of the Limbe 1 Council official stamps. 

Stores Accountant

Mme. Sally Mokake

  • Responsible for managing the Council's supplies;
  • In charge of managing the Council's property;
  • Charged with safekeeping document and properties of the Council.

Technical Service

Mme. Lynn Lowe Kountchou

  • Provide the Council with feasibility studies on projects;
  • Provide technical assistance on Council projects. 

Civil Status Service

Mme. Obong Vivian Ayuk, Mme. Ndondi Limunga & Mme. Nga Ngono Doris Francine

  • In charge of civil status registration;
  • Issue birth, marriage and death certificates;
  • Register and archive civil status documents.

Cashier Office

Mme. Charity Eneke Tanyi

  • Receive cash payments for the Council;
  • Keep account of the money that the Council makes daily.

Recovery Service

Mme. Caroline Ewokolo & Mr. Victor Libuea

  • Charged with recovering Council taxes;
  • In charge of recovering Council properties and finances;
  • In charge of impounding motorcycles. 


Mr. James Harry Mbua Ndive, Mr. Daniel Nyoki Molua, Mr. Tama Iloma Elali, Mr. Ngomba Fritz & Mr. Malomba John

  • In charge of driving Council staff on official outings; 
  • In charge of maintaining Council vehicles.

Municipal Police

Mr. Peter Njoh Nganje

  • Coordinating the activities of the municipal police force;
  • Ensuring the security of council goods, persons and properties;
  • Helping the council recovery drives in collaboration with service concerned. 


Mr. Seidou Nyiah Ndzeka-ah, Mr. Budi Meloh Bernard, Mr. Nuhkuna Sama, Mr. Fonki Mandela, Mr. Solomon Ngwenwin, Mr. Teghen Emmanuel, 

  • Charged with internal security of the Council day and night.

Staff on Secondment

Mrs. Sally Mokake & Mr. Kungang James

Hygiene & Sanitation Service

Mr. Nkungang James, Mr. Moki Martin, Mme. Nguve Christina & Mme. Enanga Njoh

  • Works together with the Recovery services for tax collection ; 
  • Controls and inspects foodstuff;
  • Manages the environmental projects to keep Limbe 1 clean.


Mme. Catherine Namondo Mosenge, Mme. Ngowo Elizabeth Younge & Mme. Enow Felicia Takang

 Keeping the Council's offices and environment clean.