• December 31st 2019: Installation of the new Limbe 1 Council Secretary General Mme. Nkwen-Tamo Pamela Nyemile;

  • November 27th 2019: Limbe 1 Council Open Day on local governance in partnership with GIZ - PROMUD;

  • November 9th 2019: Installation of the new Divisional Officer, Mr. Acha Nkwenti Gilbert, for the Limbe 1 municipality;

  • November 8th 2019: 6th Edition of Mevio  Cultural  and Developmental  Assembly 2019;

  • October 29th 2019: Limbe 1 Council and GIZ visit schools and the Women Empowerment center to sensitize them on e-learning;

  • October 17th 2019: Open day on Civil Status registration for the inhabitants of Limbe 1;

  • October 15th 2019: Workshop for the planning of resource mobilization in Limbe 1 Council;

  • October 4th 2019: GIZ donates two computers to Limbe 1 Council and Tiko Council at their headquarter in 3eme Rue Hippodrome in Yaounde;

  • September 27th 2019: Handing over of gifts to the physically challenged community of Limbe 1 Council; 

  • September 24th 2019: Handing over of didactic materials to public primary schools within the Limbe 1 municipality;

  • September 10th 2019: The Executive of the Limbe 1 craftsmen came to say thank you to the Lord Mayor of Limbe 1 for always being by their side;

  • September 4th 2019: Seminar on development projects in Limbe 1 in various sectors; 

  • August 17th 2019: Middle Farm Dust field Inter quarter football finals;

  • August 16th 2019: End of holiday job for secondary school students;

  • August 16th 2019: Awarding of prizes for plastics collection competition.;

  • Civil marriages every Friday from 9am at Limbe 1 Council Hall.

                                Second Edition Limbe 1 Council's  Handicrafts                                       Exhibition Competition held July 17th 2019
The the crafts men and women of Limbe 1 displayed their artistic and crafting talents.
The clothes, paintings, shoes, bags, juices,  and artifacts  were on full display showcasing the cultural capability and heritage of the people of Limbe 1.
A list of 20 winners was announced after the competition. Congratulations to the participants!

                        Handing Over of Didactic Materials to teachers of                                    the primary schools of Limbe 1 Council 

The teachers and administrative heads of the various primary schools in Limbe 1 municipality were overjoyed as the Lord Mayor Ro-danny Mokako Mbua gifted them with primary school teaching materials. In an interview with journalists the Lord Mayor emphasized the importance of the education of the youths.


Limbe 1 Council Donates Gifts to Physically Challenged Persons in the municipality 

The Lord Mayor donated gifts on behalf of the Council in the form of hand pedal wheelchairs, and a sewing machine to the physically challenged persons of the municipality. The participants were grateful for the generosity of the Council.


The Mayors of Limbe 1 and Tiko Councils meet with GIZ

On October 4th 2019, the Lord Mayor of Limbe 1 Council and the Lord Mayor of Tiko Council met with the representatives of GIZ in Yaounde to receive gifts. GIZ generously offered the councils two computers each in order to help facilitate their work together and promote their partnership. 

Workshop for the Planning, Resource Mobilization  and programming for the Limbe 1 Council held October 15th 2019
The councillors and staff of Limbe 1 Council, lead by the Lord Mayor had an intensive workshop in the Council's chamber. They deliberated on how to mobilize resources in order to promote the development of the municipality. 

Open Day Civil Status Registration  in collaboration with GIZ (PROMUD)

In a bid to sensitize and create awareness to the general public, the Limbe 1 Council in collaboration with GIZ PROMUD has urged the population to be crusaders as well as ambassadors to spread awareness on the importance of civil status documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, single status certificates among others. In an open day organized at the Limbe 1 Council hall, the Lord Mayor of the Limbe 1 Council, stressed on the need  to own civil status registration documents.  

Workshop on e-Learning with schools and the Women Empowerment Center 

Limbe 1 Council and GIZ organized a workshop with some public and mission schools as well as the Women Empowerment Center to promote e-learning.

Installation ceremony of the new Divisional Officer for the Limbe 1 municipality 

The new  Divisional Officer Mr. Acha Nkwenti Gilbert of Limbe 1 municipality takes command on Saturday 9th November 2019. 


6th Edition of Mevio Cultural  and Developmental  Assembly 2019

The chiefs of Limbe and peoples of Mevio held the 6th edition of their Cultural and Developmental Assembly on November 8th 2019. 

The Mayor of Limbe 1 Council distributing benches to some public schools in the Limbe 1 sub division

Completion of pavement and wall at the Limbe 1 Council chambers

A working session between the Limbe 1 Council and GIZ-PROMUD on the 26th November 2019

The Limbe 1 Council in partnership with GIZ-PROMUD held an open day to sensitize the Limbe 1 community on the Council's services on the 27th November 2019

During the Open Day at the Limbe 1 Council hall some resource persons like the  Delegate of Labor talked about rules and responsibilities of promoting the municipality. Mr. Tayim Godfred talked about Local Economic Development while Mr. Eleve Mbua also talked on Youth Empowerment and Entreneurship. The Lord Mayor talked on the importance on having the birth, death and marriage certificates all in a bid to sensitize and educate the general public on the Council's services and developmental issues.

The occasion ended with the handing over of the price certificate to the winners by the Lord Mayor.


The newly installed Divisional Officer for Limbe 1 subdivision Mr. Acha Nkwenti Gilbert in a working session visited the newly constructed office of Limbe 1 Council. The Lord Mayor of the Limbe 1 Council Ro-Danny Mokako Mbua welcomed the Divisional Officer and his entourage wherein he introduce the various services of the Limbe 1 Council stating briefly their various functions.

The Divisional Officer offered his warm and friendly welcome, left the council with the hope of a good and better working relationship with the Limbe 1 Council.

Councillors at their various committee meetings discussing on the draft budget for 2019 

The Limbe 1 Council at delibrative session on the 2020 Financial year budget on the 13th December 2019

Technical handover of the new Secretary General for Limbe 1 Council Mme. Nkwen-Tamo Pamela Nyemile

After the succesful holding of the Open Day on Citizenship and Local Governance organised by Limbe 1 Council in partnership with GIZ-PROMUD, participants such as barbers, bike riders took part in a competition, taking into consideration some criteria such as cleanliness of the work environment, payment of taxes just to name but these.

These prices were recently awarded at the Limbe 1 council hall officiated by the Lord Mayor Ro-Danny Mbua and the Secretary General of Limbe 1 council Mrs Nkwen-Tamo Pamela.

The first 3 best from each category namely schools, barbing salon , hair dressers, food processors, Arts and craft , bike riders, fish mongers all received mouth watering prices that comes in to help boost their businesses

The Arts and Craft association of Limbe came to say thank you to the Lord Mayor, acknowledging his support towards them for the pass year 2019. On his part the Lord Mayor encourage them to stay fast in their craft work try as much as possible to have trainees.

C.P.D.M Party has again emerge victorious from the Febuary 9th elections. The Lord Mayor of the Limbe 1 Council Ro-Danny Mbua Mokako takes another 5years mandate to continue piloting the affairs of the municipality. The election that took place at the Limbe 1 Council hall was free and fair as all 25 Councillors voted the mayor by acclamation. The S.D.O for Fako Emmanuel Engamba Ledeoux called on all to build bridges after election and work hand in hand to improve on the community. 1st deputy is Henry Mokavo Sona and 2nd deputy is Ndongo Beatrice

The chief of service of Marine marshal alongside other staff have paid a visit to the Limbe 1 Council chambers to creat a partnership in other to regulate working conditions in coming up with artisan boat building. This will go a long way to ease work and inturn increase revenue. after  several deliberations and proposals proposals it was a good start as there is hope for many more meetings to set plan of action in the days ahead 

Limbe with its rich natural resources has bounce back into tree planting exercise as the regional delegate for environment , Set Ekwwadi Songe in collaboration with the Limbe 1 Council has led a delegation of environmentalist which include FOREP{ forest resource person} EPDA{environmental protection and development association} and SODEI {solidarity development initiative} with the target of planting 5000 trees in the Limbe municipality. To lauch the start of these project 150 trees have planted along the road from BOCOM mile 2 to SAVOY PAMLZ. 

A two weeks training seminar that was organised by the Limbe 1 Council in partnership with the King Black Foundation which ran from the 3rd of April till the 17th of April. There was a graduation ceremony that took place at the Limbe 1 Council chambers chaired by the Mayor. Some selected staff took part in the training and graduated with a diplome

The interim Mayor of the Limbe 1 Council Henry Mokova Sona Motomby encourage all the staff of Limbe 1 Council to be steadfast and be consoled for the demise of the late Mayor. 

He said this during a memorial service that was held at the presbyterian church middle farms on Saturday 13th June 2020, in honour of the late Mayor of Limbe 1 by the CPDM militants and the Limbe 1 Council

The interim Mayor to the Limbe 1 Council Henry Mokova Sona Motomby has again welcome one of cameroons artist Stanley Enow to his municipality. The visit that held on wednesday june 24th 2020 was initiated to share hand sanitizers to schools in the Limbe 1 Municipality that will help during the fight to combat covid 19.

During the tour the mayor of Limbe 1 council , Divisional delegate of secondary education, Dr Njie Esong led the delegation to some various schools as the artist encourage the students to be very strong, follow the instructions to prevent covid and study hard to be victorious after all, Among the school visited where: St Ann girls college, Saker Baptist college, G.H.S, G.B.H.S, Atlantic Technical and commercial school, comprehensive and others 

The new Mayor for the Limbe 1 Council is Mme. Mbwaye Eposi Florence. The declaration was made by the S.D.O for Fako , Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux during an extra ordinary session to elect a new mayor that held at the limbe 1 Council chambers on Thursday  June 25th 2020.

After observing all the due process by Cameroons law following the demise of the late mayor of Limbe 1 Council Ro-Danny Mbua Mokako, predecessor Mme Eposi Mbwaye has taken over office as Mayor of Limbe 1 Council.

The Mayors office that was sealed on the 25th April 2020 after his death by the Fako administrator have been opened on the 8th of July 2020 by a team of forces of law and order made up of Divisional Officer of Limbe 1 Municipality, the assistant state counsel, assistant commander of the national Gardanmarie and the commissioner of the 1st Destrict police station. Accompanying the team was the family of the deceased who verified and took out his personal belongings.

After thorough cleaning and setup, the office is now set for the new Mayor sit in with lots of enthusiasm and commitment to pick up from where the deceased stopped.

The Limbe 1 Council has recieved some gifts from the network of cameroon Mayors for social and solidarity eonomy (REMCESS) to help fight and combat Covid 19.

Sponsoring over 50 Councils in Cameroon from six regions which include: South West, North West East, North and Far North, REMCESS is in a mission to donate 10 cartoon of soap, 150masks 5 carton sanitizer and 12 hand wash bucket, handed over to the Mayor of Limbe 1 Council Eposi Mbwaye with some of her Councillors, the mayor express satisfaction for the king gesture and assured the donors of how usefull it will be to the population especially since measures are metted in to curve down covid 19.

The Lord Mayor of the limbe 1 Council Mme Mbwaye Eposi Florence have recieve some working equipment such as spades, cutlasses, wheelbarrows and others, on behalf of the municipality from the ministry of housing and urban development through the SDO for Fako. The donation come inline with upcoming competition of cleaness city amongst Limbe, Yaounde and Douala to comemurate the 2020 edition of world habitat day in Cameroon.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Lord Mayor of the Limbe 1 Council expressed gratitude to the Minister and promised to distribute the equipment to the various quarters of her municipality to get them involved in the competition.

The competion that was launched on August 8, 2020 in Yaounde by the minister of ousing and urban development Celestine Ketcha epse Courtes, has as objective to reward the cleaness city and strenghten the involvement of all stakeholders in the sanitation of urban environment.

After the Mayor was the Secretary General and CXommunication  officer of Limbe 1 Council who took part in a 3 days workshop at Mira mare hotel to sharpen their skills on communication tools for municipalities.

During the workshop ,communication tools such as social media, radio and television was detailly explained on positive impacts it will attract working with the communities.

Participants applauded the training and promised to match word with action when they return to their various councils

Within the framework to adapt good collaboration and hard work through team spirit ,the Lord Mayor of the Limbe 1 council Mbwaye Eposi Florence chaired her first staff meeting last Friday August 14 at the Limbe 1 council hall

During her first meeting , she created a platform for all to express themselves bringing out the challenges and way forward to set a good working space as she noted that *Administration is a a contineous process and am here to continue from where my predecessor stopped.The staff representative Victor Libuea applauded the effort and impact the mayor has created  so far while pleading for the mayor to ignite and build unity amongst staff.

The Limbe 1 Council has been selected as one of the municipality to benefit from emergency cash transfer project initiated by the ministry of Territorial Administration through the safety net project to alleviate poverty in our municipality.

The project is aim at improving the living conditions of the poorest and most vulnerable persons in the Limbe 1 subdivision. The project coordinator Mbatome Francis said" targeting 500 persons to be given 80,000 frs after every week for a period of 12 months with a follow up team to see that the poorest in our community can empower themselves in education, health and creation of income generating activities. 

Two months after re-election as new Mayor of Limbe 1 council, Mayor Mbwaye Eposi Florence has been sworn inn legally and officially as Mayor of Limbe 1 council at the court of first instance on Tuesday 25th August 2020. During the ceremony that witness a cross section of dignitaries among which was the SDO of Fako, the Lord Mayor promised to uphold the constitution of the republic and to eradicate fraud.