The Limbe 1 Council is a subdivisional council created by decree number 2007/117 of 24th April 2007 with headquarter known as  "POH" (pronounced as FOO). The Limbe 1 Council office is located adjacent Savoy Palmz Hotel in Nambeke North Quarter. The Council is headed by the Lord Mayor, with an executive arm made up of two deputies, a Secretary General and a Municipal Treasurer. The deliberative body of the Council is made up of 25 Councillors. The city of Limbe is very beautiful  and fascinating thanks to its cosmopolitan and touristic nature. To benefit from Limbe's largess otherwise known as the town of friendship or Opec city; the Limbe 1  municipality is worth visiting.


       Limbe 1 is a hub of tourism in Cameroon attracting people from all over the world. Some of the attractive sites includes: Botanic Garden, the black sandy beaches, the Wildlife Center (Zoo), historical buildings, locations and monuments. The cultural aspect of Limbe is also another point to reckon wherein people of arts and crafts, the hand-made fashion industry, the fine cuisine of traditional meals, the fishing industry among others gives the municipality the beauty it deserves. Also, Limbe is endowed with  beautiful scenery for relaxation and leisure such as hotels nightclubs, bars and restaurants where tourists enjoy roasted fish and other sea-foods.

Limbe 1 master plan: urban development